At some point in our lives, we have been or will be witnesses to a situation where acts of harassment/abuse are committed against women, be it in office, at a public place, or at home. We need to have zero tolerance for violence against women and a strong belief that women and men are EQUAL. It is time that we took ACTION!

You can make a change!
You have the power to stop violence against women! HOW?

Calling for an end to impunity for those who perpetrate violence against women

  • Speak Out: Speak out against violence against women. Participate in dialogues and discussions, talk to your friends and family, as well as youngsters about respecting and treating women and men equally. Most importantly LEAD BY EXAMPLE!!
  • Join our Campaign: Realizing the power of social networking, we are using Facebook, Twitter, website, and eBook to convey messages to make it clear that violence against women can no longer be tolerated.
  • Sign the SAY NO – UNITE campaign. Add your name to the global call to make ending violence against women and girls a top priority worldwide: Each signature is an action that counts in ending violence against women and girls.


  • If a brother, sister, friend, classmate, or teammate is verbally, physically or sexually traumatizing his/her partner –or is disrespectful or abusive to women — don’t look the other way. Report any suspected abuse. THE WORST THING TO DO IS TO LOOK THE OTHER WAY AND REMAIN SILENT.
  • Have the courage to look inward. Question your own attitudes. Avoid being defensive when something you do or say ends up hurting someone else. Work to understand how your own attitudes and actions might inadvertently perpetuate sexism and violence, and work toward changing them.
  • If you are emotionally, psychologically, physically, or sexually abusive to anyone, or have been in the past, seek professional help.
  • Be an ally to people who are working to end all forms of gender violence. Support the work of centers which aid victims of violence.
  • Attend programs, take courses, watch films, and read articles and books about multicultural masculinities, gender inequality, and the root causes of violence. Educate yourself and others about how larger social forces affect the conflicts between the individual men and women
  • Don’t fund sexism. Refuse to purchase any magazine, rent any video, subscribe to any Web site, or buy any music that portrays peoole in a sexually degrading or abusive manner. Protest sexism in the media.
  • Mentor and teach young boys/girls about how to live life in ways that avoids degrading or abusing others. Volunteer to work with violence prevention programs, including anti-sexism programs. Lead by example.
  • If you suspect someone close to you is being verbally, physically or sexually traumatized, offer to help.

How can you help a friend?

  • Ask. If you suspect that a friend is experiencing domestic violence ask if there is anything you can do to help them.
  • Listen. Let your friend know that she can talk to you and you will be there to listen. Remind her that it’s not her fault and she deserves better.
  • Connect. Connect your friend with resources, such as SOS line.
  • Respect. You may not agree with the decision your friend may make but women have told us that their most helpful friends have respected their decisions and believed in them.
  • Challenge. If you have a friend who is being abusive, you can say: “It’s not okay.” “What if it was your daughter or mom?” “Stop.”

You can make a change! You have the power to stop violence against women!