Domestic violence is a criminal offense punishable with fine or imprisonment; while the domestic violence that had caused death of the victim is punishable with long- term imprisonment.

A victim of violence may seek help on the unique SOS Telephone numbers:

Republic of Srpska


Federation BIH


The call is free of charge! When you call one of these numbers you do not have to say your name or provide personal information.

When you are physically attacked, the police are the first in the chain of help. You may call them on the number 122:

  • The police officers will first conduct an interview with you and your abuser. If for any reason you do not want to talk in the presence of the abuser, you may request that you talk to the police alone.
  • If you have sustained any physical injuries you should go to the Emergency Medical Aid immediately and request them to give you an medical report on your injuries. You can go to the Emergency Medical Aid on your own, or you may ask the police to take you there.
  • The police may arrest the abuser and hold him in the station for not more than 24 hours.
  • You will talk to the officer responsible for domestic violence. You need to tell this officer everything that was happening to you.
  • If you are too afraid to go back home, ask the police to place you in one of the safe houses.Police officer’s duty is to write a report on what had happened, bring the abuser to the police station and start the relevant procedure before the court and/or prosecution.The police officers who fail to act in accordance with law may be reported to the Ministry of Interior Affairs.

    Do not change the statement that you had given to the responsible bodies because that may make the subsequent proceedings more difficult and it works for the abuser! If the abuser threatens you, seek protection.

  • Ask for the official who is working on domestic violence cases. Tell them what is happening to you and request them to make official note.
  • If necessary, ask them to notify the police.
  • Ask the official to explain to you the rights you have under the law and help you exercise your rights.
  • If you are too scared to go back home, ask the official to place you in a safe house for victims of domestic violence.

Shelters for victims of domestic violence (safe houses):

  • Request to be placed in a safe house, with or without your children, may be made to the police officer and/or center for social work, or directly to the non-governmental organizations that have such safe houses.
  • Once in the shelter, victims receive necessary medical, social/legal, psychological and other aid.
  • A person may stay in the shelter 3 months.

List of safe houses:

  • Udružene žene, Banja Luka
  • Medica, Zenica
  • Fondacija za obrazovanje i socijalnu zaštitu djece, Prijedor
  • Žene BiH, Mostar
  • Mirjam – Caritas, Mostar
  • Viva žene, Tuzla
  • Fondacija lokalne demokratije, Sarajevo
  • Žene sa Une, Bihać
  • Budućnost, Modriča

Free legal aid and information:

  • Provide basic information on rights and institutions.
  • Provide direct legal aid that may include initiating and conducting proceedings before various institutions, writing complaints and submissions, providing legal advice etc.

Organizations that provide legal aid:

  •  Centar za pravnu pomoć ženama / Center for Legal Assistance for Women, Zenica  phone: 032-402-049
  •  Fondacija lokalne demokratije / Foundation for Local Democracy, Sarajevo
  •  Helsinški komitet za ljudska prava BiH / Helsinki Committee for Human Rights BiH, Sarajevo – phone: 033-200-051
  •  Udružene žene / United Women, Banja Luka, phone: 051-462-146
  •  Žene BiH / Women BiH, Mostar, phone: 036-550-339
  •  BudućnostModriča, phone 053-820-700
  •   Vaša prava (Your rights) (uredi):
    • Sarajevo: Safeta Hadžića 66a, phone 033 789 105
    • Banja Luka: Meše Selimovića 17, phone 051 232 920
    • Goražde: Seada Sofovića Sofe 10, phone 038 220 544
    • Mostar: Hasana Zahirovića Lace bb, phone 036 558 580
    • B. Petrovac: Bosanska 110, phone 037 881 248
    • Srebrenica: Titova bb, phone 056 440 998
    • Trebinje: Carine 3, phone 059  240 680
    • Tuzla: Rudarska 63, phone 035 210 210
    • Prijedor: Save Kovačevića 12, phone 052 241 290