Anja Čučković, swimmer
4. March 2012.
Zana Marjanović, actress
6. March 2012.

Creating Life

Specialist in gynecology and obstetrics, professor at the School of Medicine in Banja Luka at the cathedra for gynecology and obstetrics, owner of the largest IVF center in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the only one in the Republika Srpska, or “simply” Doctor Sanja, Specialist for in vitro fertilization.

When asked how and why she had chosen this particular field of medicine, Doctor Sanja says: “My first job was in the social-geriatric center – where the life ends.  After two years of facing my helplessness as a doctor, I decided I wanted to go where life was being born.  And this has been my motto throughout my professional work – go only there where life is born.  During my gynecology internship, while everybody else wanted to work in some other part of gynecology, from the very first moment when I had seen embryos and how the life was born I knew that my choice would be the in vitro fertilization.  I believe I was not wrong.  There is this special kind of energy.  When you see under a microscope the cell, the embryo, and after a year or two you see the child, that feeling is indescribable.

Dr. Sanja says that he job requires a lot of: “sacrifice, work, effort, and road to success is not easy.  In professional work, carrier, job, whatever you do you are faced with many difficulties.  Particularly when you are a pioneer in what you do.  It was hard because I was starting something new; but being a woman was an additional difficulty.  It took a long time for my colleagues, but also other people, to accept me on fully equal grounds for only one reason – my being a woman.”  However, regardless of all difficulties Dr. Sanja was facing on daily basis, she never gave up. She got her strength from smiles and happiness on the faces of couples whom she helped to become parents.   “Know yourself and follow whatever is best within you and that is how you will become successful.  Whatever it is that you are doing.”

Since 8 March is the day that symbolizes the women’s fight for their rights, Sanja’s story on her path to success, which was often quite hard, brought us to the question how she looked at the International Women’s Day.

“8 March causes a lot of debate – from full approval to full dismissal.  I think that there should be a day that will, in a way, glorify women in terms of everything that they had achieved and all their obligations.  Women are really capable of achieving many things, and that is something that I can see in the case of many of my friends, but other successful women too.  Women should not give up when they come across obstacles, they should have faith in themselves and go forward.  Be courageous and choose the path to walk on!”

There are many examples that confirm that women are truly capable of achieving a lot regardless of all the difficulties they continually face; that women are courageous and persistent; and Dr. Sanja is one of such women; her joyfulness and power are impossible not to feel when you are with her.  We wish to her and all her patients, men and women, a lot of success, a lot of strength and will, and a lot of “creation of life”.

Mensi Jazavčević