Real Men Against Violence Against Women

A real man is not violent. He fights for the elimination of all forms of violence against women and girls. He does not use his fists or insults. He understands that violence against women is a widespread and major problem that must be resolved.

A real man is not afraid to voice his opinions. He is always and at all time committed to the respect of women and girls, to gender equality and nonviolent communication.

A real man is a role model for others. He does not close his eyes in the face of physical, verbal and sexual abuse. His actions provide positive examples for other men, youngsters and boys, unaware that all forms of insulting, harassing and humiliating other human beings also represent violence.

A real man is tolerant. He equally respects everyone, regardless of their differences. He knows how to control his temper and does not shy away from his emotions.

A real man respects women. He respects their opinions, attitudes, and freedom. He also knows that ignoring violence caused by others is equally dangerous as the violence itself.

A real man believes in all points of this Declaration and with his signature he is committing that his actions will always and everywhere reflect his dedication to equality of all people and their right for respect and freedom.