Day 14 – Verbal Abuse
8. December 2010.
Day 16 – Conclusion
10. December 2010.

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“I am outraged by all types of violence and I think that we should try to change the way we think about it and find new ways of solving problems and misapprehensions.”

Emina Muftić, actress

“Violence is typical for feeble men. Don’t be a coward.”

Aleksandar Seksan, actor

“No one deserves to be treated violently. In my opinion it cannot be deserved.”

Damir Imamović, musician

“Violence is not only physical abuse. The best defence against violence is decency and decent upbringing.”

Slađana Zrnić, actress

“Violence against women and girls is a crime and as such is a criminal act. All of us have to respect women’s rights and we must work together towards achieving a common goal – resolving the problem of violence against women. We must act now, before it is too late.”

Dijana Tepšić, singer & DJ-ane

“Violence is a key word in the phrase “domestic violence” and as such, deserves the most rigorous sanctions from the state.”

Zijah Gafić, photographer

“Violence is evil. A man unable to resolve a problem facing him often resorts to a violence, consequently becoming an evil person.”

Aleksandar Stojković, actor

“In principle, I am against all types of violence, and I am especially against violence against women and children.”

Senad Bašić, actor

“From my point of view, violence against women is a most hideous and most primitive act.”

Marija Šestić, singer

“I hate all types of violence, whether it is psychological or physical. Once and for all, stop the violence.”

Mladen Vojičić Tifa, singer