Day 13 – S.O.S. Phone Lines
7. December 2010.
Day 15 – Celebrities
9. December 2010.

The word attacks – Raising awareness about verbal abuse

The word has power.

You shall win by just one inspired speech, and wrong one will make you fall; word makes you a hero or a tragedian. Word can both help you and hinder you, it can seduce you but infatuate you, make you laugh or make you sad. Word can reconcile you or start an argument. It can make all your wishes come true but it can take your very existence.

We’re all equipped with and ready to use this sophisticated weapon, because, at the end of the day – word can make millions to start wars and kill each other.

The fact is that, in most cases, verbal abuse takes place in private, „between four walls“, among the anonymous victim and the anonymous abuser. A need emerged – need to “squeeze in between those four walls” and take a very active role in otherwise very intimate situation.

Acknowledging that only dealing with the problem, in this case with the verbal abuse, can bring solution, it was necessary to find a way to set about the viewer to actively participate and confront the verbal abuse problem.

Postponement of the problem on the pillow is part of our reality, our existence. It is our own defense mechanism that allows us to afford adequate physical and mental functioning. It is because dealing with the problem is active and painful process, to the human psyche it is inherent in self-defense to avoid the problem on a conscious level.

Before you are ten tasks, ten mental exercises, ten triggers that “sleeper” lead to confrontation and finally the solution to the verbal abuse problem.

There, on the pillow, you will face your own problem. You will be exposed to insults, intrigues, threats, opposition, disparagement, manipulation, brainwashing, etc.

The solution is not to “sleep”, in closing eyes to the problem. The solution is to recognize attacks and start fighting, “standing up” against the “evil seed” that bothers us so much.

Only when we overcome the verbal abuse problem, images of “torture” on the pillow will become meaningless. Only then shall we provide a dream for ourselves.

Finally, it will be a dream freed of terror, fear, torture.
Finally, it will be nightmare-free dream.

The photograph shows Lejla Sokolović, graphic designer and artist, at her solo exhibition „The word attacks – Raising awareness about verbal abuse” in Sarajevo, October 2010
Message on the pillow: “RISE against verbal abuse”