10. December 2010.

Day 16 – Conclusion

Download file Joining in the efforts to stop violence is everybody’s responsibility. Governments, private enterprises, civil society groups, communities and individual citizens can all make essential […]
9. December 2010.

Day 15 – Celebrities

Download file “I am outraged by all types of violence and I think that we should try to change the way we think about it and […]
8. December 2010.

Day 14 – Verbal Abuse

The word attacks – Raising awareness about verbal abuse The word has power. You shall win by just one inspired speech, and wrong one will make […]
7. December 2010.

Day 13 – S.O.S. Phone Lines

What to do if you are a victim of domestic violence? Many people think that violence implies only the act of actual beating. As we mentioned […]
6. December 2010.

Day 12 – Men

WHY WORK WITH MEN AND BOYS TO PREVENT VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN AND GIRLS? Working with men and boys to end violence against women and girls is […]
5. December 2010.

Day 11 – The Role of Youth

One of the best ways to prevent gender based violence is to work with young people. Youth is the solution and not the problem. Violence is […]
4. December 2010.

Day 10 – Gender Equality

Promoting gender equality is a critical part in prevention of gender based violence. Social expectations that define appropriate behavior for women and men can contribute to […]
3. December 2010.

Day 9 – Mother and Child

Violence against women and girls effects kids on many levels.  In some cases of domestic violence, the children themselves will suffer physical or sexual abuse from […]
2. December 2010.

Day 8 – Roma Women

„Roma women for life without violence“ is a comprehensive programme established in order to strengthen Roma women and Roma communities in their fight against discrimination and violence […]