Is there a man who has inspired you by making women’s lives better around you?

Do you know anyone who has stood up for gender equality?

Do you know any man who is making a difference in the lives of others, especially of women or girls, by preventing or addressing violence?

Someone whose actions deserve attention and celebration?

Men are increasingly getting involved and have positive roles to play in promoting gender equality and addressing violence against women and girls. Men are publicly challenging the beliefs, values and social norms that condone gender inequality and violence; and are encouraging alternative ideas of manhood among their peers. Many men are great role models to other men and promote a society that favors non-violence and justice between the sexes.

Where and Who are these Men in Bosnia and Herzegovina? Help us to identify them!

At a global level, the UNiTE Campaign is promoting a Network of Men Leaders (current and former politicians, civil society and youth activists, religious and community leaders, cultural figures and other prominent individuals) who work in their spheres of influence to undertake specific actions to end violence against women, from raising public awareness, to advocating for adequate laws, to meeting with young men and boys, to holding governments accountable. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, the UNiTE Campaign wants to recognize and honor men who support, promote and strengthen women positions in our country and hold them up as models for our society. We want to learn and disseminate the stories of ordinary men who make a difference in BiH.

Now it is your turn to nominate that man (older than 18) around you that is considered a good role model to other men. Nominate him by completing and submitting a nomination form to 

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