Baseline analysis on program of psychosocial treatment for perpetrators of violence
1. February 2018.

Is there a woman that has inspired you with her work in changing women’s lives in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

Do you know anyone who stands for gender equality every day?

Do you know a woman who is making a difference in the lives of others, especially of women or girls, by constantly advocating for elimination of violence, sexual and reproductive rights, better political participation of women or improved lives of women in rural areas?

Someone whose actions deserve attention and celebration?

International Women’s Day is the story of women as makers of history; it is rooted in the centuries-old struggle of women to participate in the society on an equal footing with men.  This day is used as an occasion to review how far our society has come in their efforts to achieve gender equality, peace and development and should also be an opportunity to unite, network and mobilize for meaningful change. Around the world, women are mobilizing for a future that is more equal.

Where and Who are these Women in Bosnia and Herzegovina? Help us to identify them!

United Nations wants to recognize and honor women who support, promote and work towards achieving gender equality in our country. We want to capture their efforts in transforming women’s lives and share their stories as widely as possible, illustrating the role of women in achieving the Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Now it is your turn to nominate female activists around you that advocate for women’s rights in the following areas: 1) Ending violence against women; 2) Rural women and activism; 3) Women in Politics; 4) Women and Health; 5) Women in Sport; 6) Women in STEM; 7) Urban activism – safe cities for all;                              8) Women, peace and security; 9) Women and environment; 10) Female entrepreneurship and economic empowerment; 11) Female workers’ rights; 12) Rights of women with disabilities and 13) Roma women rights.

Nominate her or them by completing and submitting a nomination form. Please nominate only one person per topic. The deadline for submissions is February 22, 2018 at midnight.

Nominees cannot be persons currently employed by United Nations or any of its agencies.

For questions, please email to