Campaign contents

  • Imagine a winery at the end of a town in the cragged Herzegovina. And now imagine barrels and barrels of wine, vineyards. Imagine toasts, imagine wine. And now imagine a woman. A woman whose name is Sanja Juričić-Franić. read more 
    We met with Ms. Nafija Ograšević Đaković, an SOS mother from the Children’s Village of Peace “Turija”, in an atmosphere that spoke volumes. read more 
    From the town that is reach in young swimming hopes comes Anja Čučković.  Anja is a swimmer, as well as her younger sister, Anđela Čučković.  This young girl says that sports means a lot to her, as it should mean to the country where she lives. read more 
    Sanja Sibinčić
    Specialist in gynecology and obstetrics, docent at the School of Medicine in Banja Luka at the cathedra for gynecology and obstetrics, owner of the largest IVF center in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the only one in the Republika Srpska, or “simply” Doctor Sanja, Specialist for in vitro fertilization. read more
    Zana Marjanović
    We spoke with Zana Marjanović, a successful BiH film, theatre and TV actress, for long enough to be able to “feel” the abundance of energy this young woman radiates through each word she says and each smile she makes, but not long enough – Zana has a lot to say when it comes to women, when it comes to 8 March. read more 
    Vesna Andree Zaimović
    Editor of the Radio Sarajevo web-portal, mother of three, musicologist by vocation, a person whom we are happy to see in all media, both in front and behind the camera… Vesna Andree Zaimović has twenty five years of experience in journalism; of course, that is not all. read more