One needs to take a long-term look

Editor of the Radio Sarajevo web-portal, mother of three, musicologist by vocation, a person whom we are happy to see in all media, both in front and behind the camera…

Vesna Andree Zaimović has twenty five years of experience in journalism; of course, that is not all.

“Whatever I do, I try to be the best, I give my maximum, and that seems to be the key to success in life.  Whatever I do I try to exceed myself, not only in professional but also in private life – because being a woman at present time, time that is pregnant with challenges and obligations, means going through all those obligations trying to deal with them in the best way one can and as quickly as possible, because when the work time ends, which is nowadays not limited to the eight hours, women have to do other things too.  I try to do my best, and when I do so I am at my most effective, and I end up having even time for myself – and that is yet another thing that is very important, something you need to have in order to succeed in life and carrier and to be happy with what you are doing.”

Continuing our conversation, Vesna shares her opinion of the difficulties she had faced and still faces on her path to successful carrier.

“Generally speaking, there is a big problem in Bosnia and Herzegovina that gets in the way of professional women, business women – the problem that we have very little time for social contacts, and our society is such that many business deals are made outside of professional framework.

To put it simply – I have no time to go to bars!

I have no time to do my work through such subtle interchanges that take place in our bars, conditionally speaking, on business lunches and dinners.  And this is a big problem for women in Bosnia and Herzegovina.  We would like our jobs to end when the working hours end, and we are doing our best to organize our work like that, but sometimes that is simply impossible…”

When we asked Vesna what advice she would have for all the women who want to make an attempt in the job that she is doing, she said:

„To be successful journalist does not mean to be the most popular or the most read – or in the case of web-portals, the most clicked – at any cost.  Being successful in journalism means being of long duration.  For somebody to endure long, I think, they must respect the standards of journalism.  It is more important to adhere to standards of journalism than to be the most read, the most popular.  It is hard to build a long carrier, but in my opinion, that pays off.  We are responsible. When we publish something we consider ourselves responsible to the general public, and we must stand behind that responsibility one hundred percent! We need to take a long-term view of things.“

We continue talking, touching upon 8 March too.

„I feel indescribably sorry for the children with flowers, rushing to give them to their teachers because that is the custom.  I forbade my children to bring me flowers on that day.  Anything forced is bad.  If you love your mother, teacher, wife, you will bring them flowers some other day.  8 March should be a day to think about the real role of a woman.  I am in favor of spending 8 March with my girl friends, instead with affected gifts and strained recognition that is backed with nothing.  And if we are going to talk about socially responsible celebration of 8 March, then it should definitely a day when we will say, without hiding behind any masks, without make up or cosmetics:  “Women in Bosnia and Herzegovina still do not have the rights that belong to them.  Women in Bosnia and Herzegovina are still in the backgrounds although they make the majority, we still talk about them as minority. They are this large underprivileged group in our population.”

With these words we end our interview, hoping that women like Vesna, strong and courageous women, will succeed, on this International Women’s Day, but on any other day too, in their efforts to implement women’s and human rights every day, in all segments of our lives.

Mensi Jazavčević